Monday, November 5, 2012

Weaving mathematics into cosmic delight

Bachtoberfest was a month-long classical music festival dedicated to Awesome Music (music that actually inspires awe).

Bachtoberfest 2012 brought together awesome-music otaku from around the internet to celebrate Bach together. We gathered in bars, hung out in basements, filmed in our living rooms and walked the streets of pre-super-storm New York. We recorded from hotel rooms in Helsinki and on alternative instruments. We played with family, friends and strangers. Together we created

#Bachtoberfest 2012 Awards:
Community Award: @salon97 
Audience Award: @NickWritesMusic
Best Duet: @The_David_Wong and @eliza_wong
Best Vibe: @thisisbenphelps
Best From the Archives @gitarra
Best Multi-track Cello: @petergregson
Festival Grand Prize goes to "Mr. Bachtober" @evanshinners

J.S. Bach didn’t just write tunes, he wove mathematics into cosmic delight. Click on the playlist to listen to over two hours of Bach submitted by #teamclassical on Twitter.


#Bachtoberfest is believed to be the world's first Twitter-only classical music festival.
#Bachtoberfest remains free and open to all.
#Bachtoberfest's mission is to celebrate both the music and the community.

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